Develop the customer experience with the customer in focus!

Gain a deep understanding of your customer experience

Your brand is important and carries a promise to your customers. To achieve a positive association and good brand awareness, it is required that your brand delivers good customer experiences in all channels. Mystery shopping maps company standards and how the brand works from a customer perspective. By measuring all contact points, you get a deeper understanding of your customer experience and sales, so that you can quickly implement improvements where it is needed.

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Objective measurements

We deliver results from objective measurements so you can decide which improvements are needed to ensure that the company’s brand promise is delivered, which will increase both loyalty and customer satisfaction.

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Reach your goals

The results show what happens in your real customer relations, and gives you actionable information so you can reach your goals in areas like sales and customer satisfaction.

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We continuously develop the program together, so that the measurements always give you the information that is most important for your company and your customer experience, regardless of channel.

What you get

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Stay one step ahead

Our team with long experience in developing and analyzing customer experiences will help you to quickly manage challenges and your development areas.

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Quality assurance

We quality check all reports, and the results are clearly reported in our digital tool which is designed based on your unique customer journey and measuring points.

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Industry experts

We have 25 years of experience in developing complex MS programs and contributing to the development of mystery shopping worldwide via the global industry organization, MSPA.


Government alcohol monopoly stores

“At Systembolaget we strive to always deliver the best possible service and to generously share our knowledge to our customers all while keeping the age verification control-system our main priority. This is why we have chosen to work together with Better Business, so that we can get feedback on our services, improve sales and continuing vending with responsibility.”Rebecca Lenander , Operations developer Customer meeting, Systembolaget


”Mystery Shopping is one of our most qualitative and powerful measurements in the stores in terms of the customer experience”– Jens Brintler, Manager Tele2 Stores