Our history and our employees

Our background

We are proud to be the company that founded the trade organization in Europe and participated in defining the criteria and ethical standards for Mystery shopping in Europe/Africa. We have completed assignments in more than 55 countries with real-time reporting in several different languages. Veronica Boxberg Karlsson founded the company in 1995. A hotel chain commissioned Veronica to test units in Sweden as a Mystery shopper. When Veronica had slept in all their 55 hotels in Sweden, they wanted the same Mystery shopping program in Denmark, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Belgium and the Netherlands. When the customer finally wanted to carry out visits in all seven countries at the same time, Veronica needed to hire a number of employees, it was the beginning of the bank with mystery shoppers which is now more than 20,000 people.

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SSQ – Award

SSQ Award is our quality program that through Mystery shopping and results from the largest rating sites measures thousands of different measuring points at hotels and conference facilities.

Superb Service

Superb service is when our mystery shopper gets a customer experience high above the ordinary. All our customers have the opportunity to encouraged their employees. The diploma is available for printing in the system, but we can also send gifts such as cakes, flowers, sweets, pins or other.

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Smiling report

Smiling report is our annual report that compiles answers that are linked to customer service from 68 countries.

Meet our team

Lina Schölin


+46 8 5118 5119

Charlotte Granström

Operations manager

+46 8 5118 5123

Sophie Österberg

Project Manager

+46 8 5118 5127

Sofia Benedictsson

Project Manager

+46 8 5118 5117

Martina Lindström

Project Manager

+46 8 5118 5124

Helena Laks

Project Manager

+46 8 5118 5129

Johan Rönninger

Project Manager

+46 8 5118 5105

Caroline Esenius

Project Coordinator

+46 76 644 67 22

Jennie Viitanen

Recruitment Coordinator

+ 46 8 5118 5122

Angela Holmberg

Recruitment Coordinator

+ 46 8 5118 5128

Josefine Blomkvist

Recruitment Coordinator

+46 8 5118 5106

Caroline Banestig

Recruitment Coordinator

+46 8 5118 5103


Recruitment Coordinator

+46 766 44 64 10

Veronica Boxberg Karlsson

Grundare och Ledamot

Ägare av Better Business moderbolag AB Bättre Affärer. Grundare av branschorganisationen MSPA Europe/Africa samt författare till böcker om Mystery Shopping.

Pernilla Ekstedt

Head of Communication

+46 8 5118 5126

Elisabeth Melberg

Head of Finance

+46 8 5118 5121

Louise Nicolin


Entreprenör och konsult, med lång erfarenhet av kvalitetssäkring i regulatoriskt styrd industri, life science. Styrelseledamot i VBG Group (Mid Cap) och Dellner Couplers AB.

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