Lina Schölin

Better Business World Wide makes a strategic investment by investing in main competitor’s bankruptcy estate.

The current pandemic is hitting hard on the customer experience research industry. Many countries are completely ravaged by closed business operations and curfews. About a month ago, one of our industry colleagues and main competitor, Daymaker, went bankrupt. Although we are also effected by the pandemic, we want to continue to help our customers develop their customer experiences and we see the investment in Daymaker’s bankruptcy estate as a part. – Mystery Shopping is a relatively small industry in Sweden and we know our competitors well. Of course, it is very sad to lose a good industry colleague, says Lina Schölin, CEO of Better Business World Wide. Since Daymaker’s customers are also in a vulnerable position, we saw an opportunity to bridge a period of uncertainty and at the same time strengthen our market position. – Now we are spinning headwinds, Lina continues. We have been active in the industry for 25 years and will remain here for a long time. – We want to be equipped when the pandemic is over, for our own sake and for our customers. Our customers’ customers are likely to change purchasing patterns and behaviors and we need to be there to support and assist with tools for decision-making, to achieve world-class customer experiences.

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Lina Schölin, CEO Better Business World Wide,, + 46 8 5118 5119

For over 25 years, we at Better Business World Wide have helped companies and organizations in various industries to measure and develop customer experiences and actions through Mystery Shopping and other measurement methods in over 60 countries. We are founders and members of the trade industry organization MSPA Europe/Africa and we educate both the industry and our customers in the method through research and our books in 25 languages. Our BeOnline reporting system offers customers sophisticated real-time reports in unlimited languages.